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Justice in Unity: Redux is the resurrection of an older project, called simply Justice in Unity. Made in RPG Maker VX Ace, but less of an RPG and more of an interactive story with sleuthing elements, JiU: Re features two storylines beginning in two separate centuries before eventually joining into one by the end.

One storyline, set in near-modern-day France and America, stars French-American Det. Elliot Mortensen, a man plagued by his own inner demons and an overwhelming fear of the dark. The other, set first in Victorian-era England before shifting to the mid-2010s, stars Dr. Mordecai Cheshire, a prideful psychiatrist who is torn between whether he wants to lead a calm or exciting life until the decision is made for him, one way or another.

As the story unfolds, the player can watch as their choices either make or break Elliot's relationships, friendships, and sanity, as well as deciding the fates of important characters along the way. There are currently four routes to choose from, ranging from good to bad, with each side having an extreme: Elliot Pure, Elliot, Dark, and Dark Pure. It is planned that the game will have five parts, developed one after another and released as they are completed.

Despite being made in VX Ace with resources for said engine, JiU: Re also features a lot of resources from RPG Maker XP, including pieces of tilesets and edits of sprites made by Sithjester and Mack, among others. In addition, the game features several scripts, such as ones by MOG, Khas, and Yanfly, including a few somewhat-heavily modified with custom traits.

The story for the game is progressed in a somewhat linear fashion, by solving cases and completing objectives, and there is no combat, experience, or equipment. It’s simply the player character following the flow of the story, and making their own choices when applicable to see how the context or path itself may change.


  • Many improvements from the original 2016 release
  • Footstep sounds for player, one follower, and one event per map, determined by what kind of surface is being walked on and what kind of shoes are being worn
  • modern algebra's Quest Journal converted into a Case Journal, to keep track of the players progress solving various cases
  • The ability to slowly drive Det. Mortensen insane over the course of the game via Dark Choices, resulting in changes in character relationships and multiple endings
  • Custom cutscene artwork and character portraits
  • Sprites and tilesets from RPG Maker XP, VX Ace expansions, and other artists
  • Original music from a team of amazing indie composers
  • Sound effects from FreeSound and The Matchmakers
  • Scripts by several RPG Maker VX Ace scripters
  • Voice acting from a multitude of talented CastingCallClub users
  • Localizations for other languages and the ability to switch voiceover language on the fly
  • The ability to log in and out of GameJolt to sync trophies, thanks to Florian van Strien's API script(s)



Arrow keys
Num 2, 4, 6, 8
Move player/cursor
Skip text
Button A
Button C
Num 0
Open menu
Button B
APause the game
Button X
SOpen key item selection
Button Y
DShow current objective
Button Z
Num 9
Open Elliot's Case Journal
Back one page
Button L
Open Cheshire's Journal
Forward one page
Button R
F1Configure engine settings
F2Show framerate
F5Toggle non-exclusive fullscreen
Alt + EnterToggle exclusive fullscreen



Xbox controller
PlayStation controller

L-StickMove player/cursor
Button 1
Skip text
Button A
Button 2
Open menu
Button B
Button 3
Button C
Button 4
Pause the game
Button X
Button 5
Left Bumper
Open key item selection
Button Y
Button 6
Right Bumper
Show current objective
Button Z
Button 7
Open Elliot's Case Journal
Back one page
Button L
Button 8
Open Cheshire's Journal
Forward one page
Button R

Supported Controllers

Controller TestedOS(s)Supported?
Xbox 360 controllerWin 7 x64Y
PS3 Dualshock (using Xbox 360 controller drivers, via SCP Toolkit)Win 7 x64Y


View Credits Summary
Created, Written, Directed & Produced byNoëlle McHenry
~ Part One: Light of My Life ~
Det. Elliot MortensenVincent Fallow (EN + DE)
Émilie MortensenRobyn Rybnik (EN)
Anja Klukas (DE)
Lt. Simon CallahanKuyalaw VA (EN)
Paul Bamberger (DE)
Supt. Tanya BellamyPhoenix Emrys (EN)
Katharina Koschel (DE)
Dr. K. LaurentAbigail Wahl (EN)
Aurore Gautheur (DE)
Dr. NicolasDominic Walker (EN)
Matthias Heyl (DE)
Dr. DaniauSteve McGrath (EN)
Arcanex (DE)
Charlotte CallahanCari Scholtens (EN)
Nadine Most (DE)
Gaëlle Callahantbe (EN)
Front Desk ClerkKyle Donelan (EN)
Maci LeblonnekiwiTee (EN + DE)
Luis BouchardMr. Miscellaneous (EN)
CharlyC (DE)
Maître D'Mr. Miscellaneous (EN)
Léonard SauveterreJoseph Way (EN)
Paul Bamberger (DE)
Mattieu "Malachy" DelacroixJoshua L. Belmonte (EN)
Matthias Heyl (DE)
ReceptionistLauren Collis (EN)
The CookStanley Swanson (EN)
The Sous-CookTroy Fasig Jr. (EN)
Sir Henry CockburnXander Phillips (EN)
Sam DeGarmoJack Porteous (EN)
Alice LeBlancCourtney Grace (EN)
Melle Teich (DE)
Casimir WinslowXander Phillips (EN)
Renée FavreauElissa Park (EN)
Luna Tick (DE)
Joël CaronKyle Donelan (EN)
Paul Bamberger 
Élisabeth GrosAlexa Erdogan (EN)
Claude FabronJonathon Bradley (EN)
CharlyC (DE)
Lorette BourdillonSilvia Strambi (EN)
Marceline BonhommeEmily Wylie (EN)
Alexandre LestrangeAlex Kelley (EN)
Marie LémieuxAnjali Kunapaneni (EN)
Answering MachineAurore Gautheur (FR)
Elaine BelleroseCourtney Grace (EN)
kiwiTee (DE)
Marcelin DesrosiersJohn Doyle (EN)
Matthias DuvalAlex Greenslade (EN)
HazzanAndy Yuengert (EN)
Fortune TellerMelle Teich (EN + DE)
Héloïse CallahanAurore Gautheur (EN + DE)
Stéphane CallahanSean Ombrog (EN)
Frank CallahanStephen Shepherd (EN)
Principal Francine LavoieDiana Paparozzi (EN)
NewscasterPeter Sanders (EN)
Célestin LeblonneSean Ombrog (EN)
Mme. CourtemancheJulia Nero (EN)
M. DufortPaul "Tweed" Drotos (EN)
Denis TraverseNikko Abanilla (EN)
Vivianne PoirierOcéane Lanteigne (EN)
Zacharie LavoieScott Jimmo (EN)
Florian LécuyerJohn Lynch (EN)
Irénée SauvageonRyan Wichael (Merry_Ryan) (EN)
~ Part Two: A Game of Trust ~
George Cheshiretbe
Lorelle Cheshiretbe
Dr. Alan MikkelsenVincent Fallow (EN + DE)
Dr. M. CheshireJ.P. Hagen (EN)
Alice Fieldstbe
Oliver RoarkeAnthony Fleece (EN)
Camille Ibbotttbe
Joseph Ibbotttbe
Carmen Ibbotttbe
Mayor Charles Hughestbe
MockingbirdJ.P. Hagen (EN)
~ Part Three: Flickering Candle ~
Det. Miles QuinlanLewis Thompson (EN)
Mélissa Voclaintbe
Jolene Perraulttbe
~ Part Four: The Taste of Poison ~
Collin LocklearDavid Figueroa (EN)
Lizabeth Jaspertbe
Roger Jaspertbe
Kurtis Abeltbe
Agent Russell SouthwellStephen Shepherd (EN)
Agent Terrence LyndonAnthony Fleece (EN)
Apryl Knowltontbe
Mr. Noël RagsdaleDavid Figueroa (EN)
Julie CarmineRose Copper (EN)
Officer Feliz Florencetbe
~ Part Five: In the Dark ~
Jack Kingsontbe
Dustin "Ruler Eternal" Patefieldtbe
Dr. Dallas CalhoonCharlie Paul (EN)
CarmineAnthony Fleece (EN)
Prof. Benedikt Wolfftbe
Dr. Jeremy FaucheuxDale Ogden (EN)
R.S. Sam Emmersontbe
Prof. Chris MencherJames Larabee (EN)
Dashiel "Spades" VanceWes Haas (EN)
John Doetbe
CharactersNoëlle McHenry
StoryNoëlle McHenry
Assistant WritersMelle Teich
Charlie Paul
ArtNoëlle McHenry
Charlie Paul
Hayden Graves
E.L. Music (Elisha Leenders)
Adel "Skull" Almas
German TranslationMelle Teich
Japanese TranslationRIO / X-Plorez
French TranslationOcéane Lanteigne
Spanish TranslationAlberto Cavada

For other credits, see in-game!

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